vendredi 17 février 2012

Почему поехать учиться в Ниццу и Edhec Business School?

The Economist Ranks EDHEC MBA among Top 50 Worldwide

The EDHEC MBA breaks into the world's Top 50 MBAs with an impressive leap of 25 places. A well deserved 1st place for student diversity was also awarded.


The Economist has just published the ranking of the top MBA's in the World and EDHEC figures among the world's best, coming in at N° 49 and appearing in the Top 10 in several categories...

The EDHEC MBAs student profile was officially recognized as being the most diverse in the world and ranked it N°1.  The percentage of male to female participants was one of best and came in at N°3 in this category, while international diversity was also acknowledged in 3rd place.  The average professional experience of our participants was noted at 8 years, making the EDHEC MBA one of the most experienced classrooms worldwide and ranked in 9th place overall.

On the subject of professors, the EDHEC MBA faculty stands out once again and comes in 1st place for the percentage of faculty with a PhD and indeed EDHEC came in at 41 worldwide for the quality of professors, a ranking considerably higher than other French competitors. 



Although 100% of our MBA faculty has a PhD degree to ensure high-quality teaching, the professors all are actively involved in research and in executive training. The added advantage of this is that our faculty is not just made up of academics but is indeed deeply aware of current business needs and practices through regular involvement in executive training in companies.

One of the most reassuring categories in which EDHEC was well ranked was the number of graduates in jobs three months after graduation category where EDHEC MBA came in 41st position worldwide and in 1st position of all French schools who reported the percentage of salary increase of their graduates.




Почему выбрать именно кампюс EDHEC Business School в Ницце?

- Ницца является жемчужиной средиземного берега Франции

- Сочетание динамизма крупного города с наличием престижных университетов

и морского курорта

- Теплый средиземноморский климат в течении года

- Уникальное культурное наследие: наличие памятников архитектуры и музеев (Музей

Матисс, Марк Шагалл, Современного искусства и тд)

- Наличие русской общины и уникального исторического наследия (Русский православный храм Святого Николая)

-Обилие бизнес конференций и форумов как в Ницце, так и в близлежащих

городах (Канны, Монако)



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